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Security Audits and Compliance

Keep track of your important security measurements with the audit services from Security Sense, LLC. We offer compliance management and evaluation services for companies nationwide. With our audit & compliance services, you hanve a invaluable source for monitoring your security and operations.

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Detail-Oriented Feedback

Count on us to physically audit outsourced providers to ensure promises made are promises kept. This envolved not only audits of records but also visitation to work sites to ensure all agreed to processes have been implemented and utalized. We provide a report card for our clients about what is working and what is not working, as well as what is and isn't being done. Once we present our audit, we provide feedback for any corrective action that needs to be taken.

Developing Innovative Programs

Through our experience and knowledge as an outsourcing auditing service, we have developed an efficient scoring systems for accurate feedback. This allows companies to take proactive instead of reactive corrective action in improving their operations. We bring providers and customers together in a conference to discuss the overall strengths and weaknesses of the security program and recommend corrective actions.